FGC Sabadell

Contest for works of extension of the line FGC in Sabadell. Eix, Macià and Plaza España stations

  • Client
    • Construcciones VIAS i COPCISA
  • Year
    • 2015
  • Phase
    • Realitzat
  • Executive budget
    • 17.726.719 €

Analysis and technical support of the complete project of facilities for the new stations of Eix Macià and Plaza España of railways of the Generalitat de Catalunya in the city of Sabadell. Our work has focused on improving the following aspects, according to the FGC guidelines:

Emergency lighting systems. Typology and management and maintenance system.

Systems of distribution of electrical energy and calculation of variation in measurements.

Improvement of interior lighting systems in technology and control.

Analysis of the feasibility of the implementation of the Enerlin'x control system based on the conventional system stipulated with the centralized automata.

Improvement of the proposed energy management system.

Analysis of the improvement in the treatment of the stratification of indoor air of the stations.