Massana Art School

Preparation of the technical documentation, improvements and methodology required for the companies that decided to submit an offer for this work

  • Area
    • 9.197 m2
  • Client
    • VIAS y Construcciones
  • Year
    • 2014
  • Phase
    • Realitzat
  • Executive budget
    • 13.000.000 €

-Analysis of all facilities of the basic project.

-Description of an integrated control system and BMS.

-Analysis of the technical installation of photovoltaic solar energy and its legalization.

-Technical, energetic and economic analysis of the improvements in air conditioning.

-Definition and concretion of systems of monitoring of energy consumption.

-Analysis and improvements in reactive power installations, design and conceptualization of electrical panels.

-Increased use of natural resources.

-Improvements in the energy efficiency of the projected compressed air system.