Police station in Lloret de Mar

Comprehensive analysis of all facilities for cost reduction. Alternative proposals and generation of detailed measures for air-conditioning and lamp-making installations.

  • Client
    • VIAS y Construcciones
  • Year
    • 2014
  • Executive budget
    • 2.585.858 €

1. Comprehensive analysis of all the facilities for the award of the work.

2. Reduction of work execution costs.

3. Alternative proposal: 

  a. Change from closed control system to KNX open system.

  b. Distribution of electrical installations for a new proposal more efficient, economic and recalculated of all power lines.

  c. New distribution and conceptualization of electrical panels and emergency generating systems.

  d. Change in the climate-generating facilities to a VRV system with heat recovery for ACS in substitution of the gas boiler and solar thermal plates.

4. Generation of detailed measures for the facilities of climate and lampistería.