ESE consulting

Since CO2en offer technical assistance for procurement of energy services companies as businesses and public administrations. This advice includes:


  • Prior analysis, data collection and assessment of the feasibility of the project with ESE
  • Design efficiency and saving measures, drafting of executive and preparation of a detailed budget.
  • Negotiation, advice and drafting contracts with ESEs (companies)
  • Advice and drafting of administrative and technical clauses (public entities)
  • Verification and monitoring of the savings contract. Measurement and verification plans.


Since CO2en are aware that the economic implications resulting from the implementation of a project with an ESE requires the comprehensive advice and teamwork from different fields: engineering, law, economics, etc. For this reason, our engineering team has the support of experts • permanent operation in legal and economical, allowing us to accompany the customer throughout the procurement process and ensure that it obtains the best possible conditions ESEs negotiating with ensuring compliance with the law.